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Never really tried forums, but I'm pretty desperate so there it goes!

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Hello, guys
I have perhaps foolishly tinkered with the boot priorities of my G750JM to such extent that the laptop refuses to boot. On start the screen remains black, keyboard lit up and the hard disk doesn't seem to be working. I've done my decent share of Googling on the matter, and have concluded that I need to flash my BIOS from a USB by booting while pressing ctrl+home. Now the USB seems to be working for a few seconds and then proceeds to stay off with no apparent changes to anything whatsoever. Contents of the USB are the BIOS file downloaded from the Asus support website, in all name variations since my Googling was unclear as to what I should name the file for the laptop to recognise it. I would definitely love some tips and suggestions for fixing this for it's been a couple of hours since this happened and I have been slowly losing my mind.
Thank you for your time, S. Daskalov

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Oh no, let's hope it's not bricked. Try this ,unplug the power supply from both the G750 and the wall socket, take the battery out, push and hold the power button down for 1 minute, then put the battery back in and plug in the power supply FIRST IN TO THE WALL !!!!!! then into G750. Try to restart. Good luck.
"Ram disk" is not an installation procedure !!!

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Doesn't seem to be making any difference

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Do you have any "indicator lights" (power, battery, or hard drive) when you try to power on?
(maybe just for a few seconds)
G750JZ-DS71 Windows 10 Pro (x64)
Intel® Core™ i7 4700HQ (2.40GHz)
24GB Memory DDR3 1600 MHz SDRAM
M.2 SSD 2x128GB in Raid 0 / WD-HGST-1TB HDD 7500-RPM
Second Monitor: Shar
p Aquos 32"

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Power light is on, HDD light is on for a few seconds and then stops

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.. could be the condenser?

Plug your charger into the unit. (BATTERY OUT OF THE LAPTOP) Attempt to turn it on. Did it boot to desktop?

Plug the battery into the unit. (NO CHARGER) Attempt to turn it on. Did it boot to desktop?

Have you tried going back into the BIOS? Rapidly tap the ESC key or F2 (one of them, I forgot.) Did you boot into the BIOS setup? If you did, did the laptop spontaneously turn off again?

I remember my old laptop wouldn't start unless I dropped it on my knee. It was rather retarded, though I recommend against doing this practice. ;d

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Try to take out your HDD ('s) then turn it on if your logged in to the bios and it everything works fine so the problem is in HDD! If you done but laptop turns off suddenly try to remove ram sticks one by one or swap them to another slots one by one! If even this doesn't help send it back to asus!
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Ruled out the condenser possibility since it doesn't boot either way, also I am unable to enter BIOS no matter how much I spam ESC, F2 or Delete. Haven't gathered the courage to drop it on my knees yet, since it is brand new. Unable to swap RAM sticks, cause they are built in and I wouldn't want to void my warranty by opening this baby up. SSD is out and that did not improve anything. Perhaps it is better for me to just return it to the seller and ask for a warranty repair. I too am considering the possibility of RAM issues and fixing those is of course out of my reach.

I'm pleasantly surprised by your awesome suggestions and I thank each and every one of you for the efforts put in trying to help me. Look forward to being a part of this community 🙂

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Closing thread.