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Need suggestions on new G75Vw

Level 7
Hi everyone,

I have my new G75Vw with Win 8 preinstalled and its 1TB hard drive, and I can't wait to use it... but first I want to ask for some recomendations in making backup of the recovery partitions.
I installed the Backtracker program and made a "Backup Factory Image" in a 16GB pendrive. I checked if it works well just by booting from the USB, but I cancelled the recovery before it started (supposing it would finish succesfully).

Can you tell me please if I have to do something more??? Now I want to make new partitions (and don't know if delete the hidden ones or not), but I'm scared of losing the Windows as I don't have an external device to install from it again, except this pendrive. I need a "must-do before partitioning" list, specially to backup the Windows as I've already downloaded all drivers from the Asus webpage.

Last and least, any suggestions on programs to make the partitions?? I though to use the GParted from Linux.

Thanks so much in advance,