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Need help with an interesting problem regarding my G750JM.

Level 7
I will spare everyone the story that led me up to this, but the result is I have an Asus G750JM, a Gen 3 system, with the HDD of an Asus G75VW, a Gen 1 system.

At the time when the computer switch was made and I foolishly opted to have the HDD from the G75VW put into the brand new G750JM, it seemed like a great idea, the problem is now when I go to do a system reset I have Gen 1 drivers and Asus programs that are not recognized and/or don't work in the Gen 3. This also means my recovery partition is Gen 1, and does not work on the Gen 3 system.

I am still doing some research into the matter personally, but in the meantime am seeking advice on how to rectify this. Is there anywhere I can obtain a factory setting recovery for a G750JM so that I may undo my very silly mistake?