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Need help forcing G551J GPU to play movies/videos.

Level 7
Hi, I'm really enjoying my ROG551J Laptop especially in terms of gaming but I'm seriously having a HUGE letdown with the video playing. I tried watching 10bit videos and blu ray files etc, any higher level video file I can't seem to watch because it's just too laggy. This is because the internal HD graphics is used to play these files. I need to force the laptop to use the gpu when I watch videos or movies etc. How can I do that. I tried to set VLC.exe's settings to use the graphics card but it has no other option than the HD graphics setting and does not allow me to change it! Help! This is such a disappointing development I'm sure there must be an easy solution!
Any help at all is appreciated.

Level 7
try this :

and set the LAV video decoder to Nvidia Cuvid

Level 9
Orevataf wrote:
I tried to set VLC.exe's settings to use the graphics card!

You need to configure the NVidia software rather than VLC. 🙂 Go to "Manage 3D Settings" and then click on the "Program Settings" tab. In the drop down menu, look for VLC (if it's not listed, you can browse for it). Select it and configure the settings below.

Alternatively, you can configure the "Global Settings" for Performance/utilize NVidia graphics. This should apply to all of your programs.

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