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Need help fixing Windows installation G750

Level 7
If this is in the wrong forum, apologize. I have tried everything and reviewed numerous threads, websites and YouTube vids. I figured this would be my last shot.

Here is the situation. My asus g750jm was freezing. I attempted a restore from an earlier point. It failed stating it couldnt complete and to run a chkdsk. Upon reset it went directly to aptio.

I created a windows 8.1 x64 usb and attempted to repair system files. It went through the motions but ultimately it stated the installation couldnt be repaired.

I attempted a refresh but was told the drive was locked. I researched options and repair the MBR. I followed all of the steps. After going through each stage I booted to aptio and attempted to locate the installation for. Boot. Aptio continued to state that no installation could be found.

I created a Hirens BootCD usb. SMART showed the physical drive was fine. I tested the drive using other software available and no physical issues. I ran chkdsk /r and corruption was corrected. I used rufus to create the Hirens and Windows 8 installation medium so I wouldnt have to turn off compatibility.

In Hirens I fixed the boot rec. I followed the steps to repair windows. I still only boot to aptio.

Here is where I am. The 8.1 USB wouldnt allow me to refresh, repair or install. I created a dvd because I was taking shots in the dark, same that. The auto repair runs, completes the diagnostics and attempting to repair but ultimately comes back with unable to complete.

If I try a refresh it states the drive is locked. I gave up and attempted a reinstall but it tells me it cant find the partition. That is using the dvd, using the USB shows that the drive with windows is inaccessible

The drive is fine however. I was able to back up all necessary files without issue. This was a substantial portion of the drive. I know there are corrupt files but in assume there has to be a fix.

Here is my question: can I either fix the installation so that it at least boots or even is recognized by aptio. My goal would be to fix the installation and then use clonezilla to copy to an ssd.

I would hate to have to reinstall from scratch but even if its necessary, setup will not allow it. I specifically setup my new ssd using GPT. Its formatted and ready to go. I dont understand why I can't fix this laptop.

I have been supporting and helping users with their computers for nearly 30 years. I was that girl who loved computers and encroached on boys turf. I am in dev now but I still know how to troubleshoot and repair. Either I am so knowledge deficient concerning modern software/hardware that I am making laughing stock of myself, I have overlooked something obvious or this entire device is toast.

I don't really buy the ladder because I'm pretty sure I can identify fried device. I do believe there has to be something I can do to fix this installation however. There have to be missing files necessary to identify and load Windows. If I need to start from scratch that's fine but why can't I install to a new Drive?

As a background this laptop is my first. Besides the Packard Bell that my parents bought for me in high school (and used until my sophomore year of college) I have always built my own rigs. I needed a laptop for work and play and figured what the hell.

Can you I have so much installed and configured. I will start over it needed but I have to believe this can be fixed if even just so that it boots.

So boys and girls, can you help?