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Need Help - Could not Update new BIOS 307 for ROG G703GI

Level 8
Hi Guys,

I am a new member here which just recently bought ROG and have introduced myself in the introduction for new member thread and I own ROG G703GI.

I saw a thread which told the latest available driver for ROG which includes BIOS updates.

After that, I downloaded all the driver from ASUS website.

I started with the BIOS 307 update using Winflash version 3.2.7 (I currently have BIOS 303.).

Following all the instruction on the Winflash, I pick the BIOS from my Laptop since I have downloaded it. So far nothing shows error or unsuccessful info from Winflash. The Winflash ask me to re-boot the Laptop which I followed.

After the re-boot, I checked my BIOS using dxdiag and surprisingly my BIOS did not update. It was still version 303 instead of 307.

Curios, I re-start the BIOS update using Winflash, but now instead of using the BIOS that I have downloaded, I opt for looking the BIOS from the web and what was shown is the BIOS 307 available. I choose update, however after the update finished, I got a message which say "The format of the downloaded file is not valid" (refer to the attachment for the snapshot).

I am wondering if the issue is with the BIOS file, or with my Winflash, or with my system in it's entirety....

Been trying a few times to update the BIOS but no luck so far...

I have trying to look for any thread discussing about this specific BIOS but could not find any.... Maybe I overlooked it somehow...

Thats being said, I hope that you guys who has more knowledge and experience on how ROG works could help this totally blind new member for a solution...

Thanks in advance for at least reading my thread...

p.s. : I am an owner of 2 generation of Alienware and have converted my faith to ROG now... 😄

Level 12
Couple hints:

The file you download from ASUS is a zip file, you must extract that BIOS file, then use the extracted file.

Format a USB thumb drive (format FAT32) and place a copy of the extracted BIOS file on this drive. Check your File Explorer that the file is shown.

Restart the laptop, toggle (press key off/on quickly) the F2 key while the ROG logo is displayed during boot-up. This action should open your UEFI BIOS. Switch into Advanced Mode (lower right corner or F7). When in Advanced Mode, click on Advanced, find ASUS EZ Flash 3 Utility. Now if you are with me so far, you are looking for that BIOS file. Normally the file will be found on fs1:\ Press on that option and the BIOS file should be displayed, select it, then flash, the program will ask if you want to read that file? Select Yes, then initiate the Flash process. Takes 30-45 seconds depending on the size of the Bios file. After that is done, exit the BIOS and reboot.

While WinFlash is OK, EZ Flash is so much more reliable.

Good luck.
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Hi @jdfrench3,

Thanks for the response, I reallly appreciated that.

I have extracted the zip file prior using the Winflash...

The next thing to try is your further directions...

I do not have USB with me at the moment, I will try once I get it...

I will report back if I have succeeded or not...

Thanks again for the time taken to respond, highly appreciated...

You can also place the BIOS file at the root of your Main drive (C:\), but it is sometimes difficult to locate using the EZ Flash program. It also wont work if you have a RAID configuration, which you probably do. I just checked my G752VSK with a RAID 0 Main drive, there is no option to see the root. I guess you'll have to stick to a thumb drive. I just updated a friend's ASUS U65H yesterday and EZ Flash showed access to the Main drive, but having no RAID configuration.
G752VSK, G75VW-3D, G51J, G1S
Homebuilt Windows Server

Hi @jdfrench3,

Somehow this weekend I do not have the time to buy USB stick due to my overtime work, so by chance I opened again ASUS driver website and found the Winflash v.3.2.9 (mine is v3.2.7).

I updated my Winflash to the newer version. After that, I tried again the BIOS update without any real hope it will be successful.

Out of my expectation, it is a success. My BIOS has been updated using the latest Winflash.

It seems that the latest version of Winflash is required to update the BIOS. I do not know why it is required to have the latest Winflash, but it do seem so.

Thanks for your response so far. I will bookmark it so that the next time I have problem with Winflash, I will try to use your method.

Thank you.