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My On Going Problem With Asus and there USA Repair Center and Customer Service!!!

Level 7
Well i hope an Admin see this and can get me some real help because i need it! Now where do i begin...

So this all started with my G751JT Notebook and the G-sync Upgrade. So i sent it in on 3/15/16 to get the upgrade and even paid the 100$ to get it. After holding it for 1 month I (& Others) get the email of them not being able to do the upgrade. But before sending the notebook in i told them that i was also having problems with the notebook and the upgrade is a new systemboard and should fix the problem. So they did replace the systemboard and i get the unit back.

So after testing the unit i was still having so got a new RMA on 4/28 and sent the laptop back in. I they repaired the unit again and sent it back to me. After some more testing i was still having problems and sent it back in...

On 5/26 got a new RMA and sent it back in to Asus at this point the sent a Replacement of the same model hoping that would be it...After using it i had some more problems with the replacement unit i got.

Got a new RMA on 8/22 this time i asked OVER and OVER to just get a new model change and they said they would...but again didnt and i got a replacement of the same model.

So now with the second replacement i got i had more problems with the unit and called Asus for a new RMA on 9/20. This time i got a new model replacement of G752VT-RH71. Just got it today and watch this video and tell me if this is normal.

Now it sounds like its on the LCD panel area so i am not sure what it could be but this is the type of stuff that has been going on with Asus Repair center and this is what they keep sending out...

So even with a different model change i am still getting bad units. Now with shipping i live on the East Coast and i have to send it out to them on the West Coast and Asus sends Ground Fedex Labels to send it into them and then they also send it back ground...So it takes 5-7 days to get there and get back to me.

So at this point i wanted to let everyone know and if anyone else has had this problem...By the way this is not the first time i have had problems with Asus and the repair i get from them.

If an Admin see this and can get me in touch with someone from Asus please send me a message before i call Asus and sit on the phone for hours and tell people my story OVER and OVER!

Level 13
Sorry for the delayed reply, I've been trying to catch up on a lot of messages.

I'll discuss this case with Albert (cl-Albert), he's responsible for Notebook service in the US and I'll also further escalate this issue internally to higher management.

I apologize for the inconvenience caused and I'll do whatever I can from my end to get this resolved for you as soon as possible.