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My laptop G550JK is heat a lot when playing games

Level 7
I have a G550JK laptop, When I start play dota or open the playing software, it heat a lot in the area in power button, right to left, below the screen area...Is this normal? It's like hot blower..

Level 9
That's the area where your GPU is located. As long as temperatures are below 100C, you shouldn't worry. In fact, I think you shouldn't even reach 90C with the new cooling system architecture. The blower is normal since the right fan goes to 100% speed to cool down your GPU.
What temperature are you seeing for the CPU and GPU when playing? You can check using free software: Speedfan, Speccy, GPU Tweak, MSI afterburner, etc.

Thanks for the information, it help me to know the heat of my GPU using the GPU Tweak... When stating to open the DOTA software heat start at 60C and after the game 84-86C... The area I specify, cover it hot when touch until to number keys... Hoping this is normal...

Level 9
Where are you at? are you under air conditioning? If so, you might want to clean the fans if you've never done it (maybe you've had the computer for a while and dust is accumulating)
If you're not under A/C, are you in a hot area? (over 20C room temp) If so, then you're normal.

In any case, any numbers below 100, you're fine. Most chips have a maximum temp of 105 before you start seeing issues.