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My G531GW has not been shipped with correct software

Level 7

Bought a new G531GW (STRIX III) from a reseller in China. It would’ve ordinarily come with a Chinese OS so I asked them to install an English copy of Windows 10 in place. However, there is something very screwy about the build they’ve shipped me.

Initially, I thought they didn’t install any drivers but I can see some effort was made and indeed there is an eSupport folder containing a lot of software. However, as this is my first ROG laptop I have no sense of what is normal in terms of installed software and background services. I would like to compare with others out there…I can only see two bits of software related to Asus:

-GameFirst V which I have no idea about but in any case, does not even launch correctly (no splash screen, no GUI displayed but the process is sitting there in the background consuming around 15% CPU).

-Rog Macro Key software which looks completely useless. I have no idea how to call the Macros. Is this even correct for my laptop?

And that’s it!

There is no software to control or configure anything. No fan, no lighting effects. There are a bunch of Asus services running in the background all listed below. But again, I seem to have no way of configuring any of them via an application.

What exactly do I need to find and install to make my laptop right? The downloads page seems to offer only background services as opposed to the software that actually interfaces with them. Please could someone give me a list of what I should have and where I should get it from. I know the Windows Store app concept has screwed a lot of things up so there in may be the problem!


Level 12
What follows is a link to a German website that has many ASUS eSupport Folders (Driver DVDs).

You may want to translate the page to what ever language.

The downloads are in English.

Simply download, unzip, save the iso file, and then create a DVD.

if you have no access to DVD creation services, download, unzip, mount the iso file, and create a virtual drive.

While it is in virtual drive format, you can compare its' contents with those of your existing eSupport Folder.

Save a copy of this new eSupport Folder to a USB drive, or additional drive. Then format your OS drive completely, reinstall Windows 10, copy the eSupport Folder to C:/eSupport. Then use the ASUS Installation Wizard (AsInsWiz.exe) to install all the original ASUS programs and drivers. Then simply allow Windows to update itself.

This procedure will bring your laptop to near OEM configuration.

Good Luck
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Thanks for that.