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My Feedback regarding Asus warranty services in Malaysia

Level 7
I'm sorry in advance if this is the wrong section to post this, but I really must let the others know before they buy Asus products in the future, especially for those coming from the same country as me.

First off, I bought an Asus G46VW on 14th August 2013, exactly about one month ago, 12 days later, the laptop crashed, sent in for repairs.

The problem was here,

The technician told me that my motherboard is damaged which caused the laptop to be unable to switch on, sent for warranty, he told me the parts should arrive from KL (I'm from Sarawak) in about a week or 2. After 3 weeks, I called again, and he said the supplier told him that the motherboard replacement would only arrive from Taiwan by June 2014. I mean SERIOUSLY??!

I bought Asus ROG series laptop in high hopes of having a premium quality build laptop and good warranty services. I'm extremely disappointed in Asus, especially when this is my FIRST EVER laptop from Asus. That laptop costed me 4 grand in my city(Kuching). The heck, even my Acer laptop had better warranty services than Asus. Yes, I'm talking about the Acer which has been known for faulty laptops, refurbished parts and etc.

A laptop this pricey doesn't have spare parts? How then, when customers send in a damaged laptop for repair? You expect me to wait half a year and burn through my warranty just like that? What kind of nonsense is this?

I digged around for information and found out that Asus in Asia is notorious for their after sales services. It seems they really were right. After we, the customers spend our money on your so-called high-quality laptops, you kick us right in the nads when we have problems with it.

After speaking with the management in Asus, I've decided to just refund my money. I'm never going to buy an Asus laptop again, EVER.

PS. DON'T sell your expensive "top-of-the-line" products if you don't even have available spare parts. That's is so low and gives a bad image to the brand which boasts about its warranty services.

Level 7
Wowww!!! horrible service!!! and i was about to get a G750jx from lowyat man! luckily i saw your post. i was watching the launching of their new products at computex 2013 in youtube just yesterday. looks like a good company. My sister told me when she wanted to get a new laptop last year, the sales person in the computer shop advise her not to go with asus because alot of their customer sent theirs back. She end up with a hp envy. I thought Asus learnt their lessons and have a better aftersales service this year or make better product after many customer return their laptop but no! they did not!. Asus should stop lying, (yes you read it right, i consider this lying coz they put an act to show that their company is reliable but in fact its the total opposite), to their customer.

Level 15
We are checking this out as it seems a very wrong date.

Level 7
I agree with tieko. Lots of computer shop adviced me no to buy asus because of customer service. Nevertheless i bought G55 last year. Thank god its working in perfect condition.

But rubber coating on the corner of front panel have peeled off. This should not happen for premium laptop

Level 7

I'm ROG support.
Really sorry about your issue.

Please send me your RMA number and I will report it up.
We will handle it ASAP.