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My ASUS Vivobook boots up normally, but the screen won't light up nor display anything.

Level 7

My laptop, an ASUS Vivobook, has always had issues with booting up and simply powering on at times. This same thing happened a mere week ago and it's already happened again when I simply turned off my computer and let it charge for around an hour after playing some games I have tried pressing the Windows Key + Ctrl + Shift + B, along with Power Resetting and Hart Resetting, all to no avail. This has been a common issue for my laptop for a while now, and I only got it a year ago. I can't even purchase a new one or go to someone savvy enough to repair it, all because of my lack of a budget. So if anyone can give me advice as to what to do or what parts I might need to replace in my computer, I would greatly appreciate it.


Level 12

So your system isn't under any kind of warranty and the other question I have if it had been doing this since you first bought it why didn't you take it back to where you bought it in the first place? to have them swap it out for ya.

What model is the Asus Vivobook please give the specs.