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Mouse and Touchpad scrolling slower after sleep and wake

Level 8
Everyday after work, i put my laptop to sleep and take it home. The next day I pull it out and get back to work.

What I have noticed is that every day, when I pull it out and wake it from sleep, the vertical scrolling moves slower than it usually does.

Instead of using 2 scrolls to move to the next screen i have to scroll 6 or 7 times.

If I go into the mouse properties in control panel, navigate to the wheel tab and change it from scrolling lines at a time, to screen at a time, then just back to lines, it goes back to normal.

This applies to the two finger scroll on the touchpad and the scrollwheel on my Logitech Marathon mouse.


FYI, I do not have any additional Logitech software installed and this was occurring prior to this mouse with other mice.

Is anyone else aware of this problem an is there a automated fix and/or workaround?

Level 9
could you try unplug external mouse test again, touchpad is same? can you try other mouse to test is it only one or all mouse happen?