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Mods/Admins: Is ASUS doing something about this issue?

Level 8
As we all know there's a global problem with G750 models regarding hissing static noise while headphones are connected to laptop. I browsed the forum and found no reference that ASUS even knows about the problem and is doing something about it.
Just look at the amount of complaint threads on the ROG forum regarding this issue:!&country=&sta...!-Please-help&country=&stat...

How much more are people going to complain until ASUS addresses this issue? It's unacceptable that headphones are practically unusable with these EXPENSIVE laptops when even a 10$ MP3 player can handle headphones without making hissing background noises.
Can a Mod/Admin please confirm ASUS knows about the problem and is working on it?

I am also using G750JX-CV069P in the beginning when it was windows 8 and all old drivers i get high hissing noise in SteelSeries headphone (came with the laptop) then i upgraded to windows 8.1 and update the NVIDIA beta driver too, from that day the hissing noise dissappear, i am using SteelSeries, Shure, Sennheiser. and no hissing noise at all. Didnt updated any sound card driver yet

Level 7
That is definitely a lot of folks with that problem. Hell I kinda wish I had that problem as opposed to the ones I have (you know, the kind that render my laptop almost unusable).

Level 7
Yup my G750JX is speaker-only for now. Earbud from both samsung and apple phones are making this irritating white noise even when just plugged playing nothing.

Level 7
Same here, Just bought the thing, (Asus G750JH) It came out of the box with this hiss, I upgraded to Win 8.1, then tried two updated Realtek drivers, no luck, even tried uninstalling the Realtek drivers and using the Windows drivers, still didn't solve the problem, I then tried the most recent Realtek driver (V6.0.1.7183) still didn't fix it.
I talked to Asus support, and they offered me a replacement system, before I sent mine away for replacement I went to a local store with a demo on a G750JX and plugged in a set of headphones sure enough theirs had the same problem.

This problem exists on

From my limited knowledge on the subject, it seems the built in amp either has improper shielding, or the amp has too high of an output impedance for most everyday headphones (or lacks the circuitry to modify the output impedance to suit the headphones its driving)

Eitherway, this seems to be a serious design problem, and is very annoying for people with low impedance headphones, has anyone solved it through software fixes?

Level 10
i have some sennheiser cx 400 ii with no hissing noise.
spec says they are 16ohm.
at max volume in windows 8.1 i can hear... nothing.
using asus website realtek driver
laptop as sig.
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