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Memory upgrade for ASUS G46VW

Level 7
Hello, I would like to request your advices regarding to upgrading the RAM in my ASUS G46VW (i7 @ 2.4 GHz, 8 GB RAM DDR3 @ 1600 MHz from factory).
I went to Best Buy and noticed they have a 16 GB bundle (2x8GB) for $150 USD. The bundle is Corsair Vengeance @ 1600 MHz.
Really worths the money for the upgrade? I know the RAM from factory is fast enough, but I wonder if there would be a performance improvement besides of the RAM increase for gaming and virtualization plattform.
All your suggestions are welcome!

Level 9
i think factory memory, it is pass the test from QC, so i don't know it is fast or not, but i think it is stable.

Level 10
well i have 12 GB RAM.

I only use 8+ GB RAM if i virtualization on VMWARE installing OS use much OS but when OS is done you don't use that many RAM for you're OS in VMWARE around 8GB RAM is good but i don't think it's worth 150 USD to buy more RAM buy an SSD you have more speed and it works very good for stuff like virtualization
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Thanks for your recommendations!
I wasn't sure to buy them, and now I'm sure those 8 GB will be enough for a while, at least while those RAM modules become cheaper.
Fortunately, my G46VW came from factory with SSD (used only by the OS) and all the additional stuff is placed in different partitions located in a SATA drive also installed from factory.
One more time, thanks to everyone!

Level 7
Not sure if I can resurrect this thread or not, but...

I have the same laptop, it's run well for years, but I like to run a ot of junk on it at once. EG, chrome (about 30 tabs and one tab of Pandora music), photoshop (multiple large files), and maybe even a game in the bg or something. Basically, is there a list of acceptable ram? I want more RAM. Performance in the task manager show I have 2 sticks out of 4. But I popped open the back and I see slots for 2, plus I thought I read that this model can only have 2. So is it 2 or 4? How do I know if the RAM is compatible? I was thinking no more than $40 a stick for 2 each. Maybe $50. Is there a nice list of "put your laptop model here" and it spits out "here is the RAM you can have?". Thanks in advance.