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Lost trying to boot on dvd

Level 7
I just upgraded my g75 with a 240g ssd. I want to boot off a cd and wipe windows and re install. But in my bios options all I have is the HDD that came with the pc. I can add a boot option but i have no idea what the path for the dvd drive is or whats going on?

I have played with many different company's bios settings but im so confused that all the stander boot options aren't here for
this one?

Level 13
if your laptop is preloaded with w8, goto your bios and
1. disable fast boot;
2. disable secureboot control; and
3. enable launch csm.

spam the esc key during POST, you will see the menu.

it is also better to take out the stock hdd first, leave the ssd as the single disk to avoid potential issues.

HAH! nice thanks man

Level 9
are you sloving your problem when you try rewben suggest?