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Looking for ASUS G74SX Charger

Level 7
Hey, i live in Australia and i currently have G74SX and the original charger died back in November due to a dying power jack *short circuited the charger rip*
I got a new one in like December but it died like 2 months after and not even a couple days after getting my laptop fixed the charger just died, so im just
wondering if anyone knows of any OEM Original Chargers for it? as ive seen heaps on ebay/other websites where they look like the second one i got *which
i suspect was a fake, it'd cut out after getting extremely hot and make a high pitched noise, it also started melting the plastic on the part that plugs into
the power jack* ive found only a couple that seem to be real but they either come from sites im not sure of, the owner says its not an updated picture or
the picture is on multiple listings/websites which doesnt sit well with me, as i really want to get an OEM one as they are most reliable imo.


Level 13
OEM parts are hard to find. Ive used this vendor for the exact same part and an OEM battery for a G74SX. They are located in Sweden.

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Level 9
Crimson_Storm24 wrote:
Hey, i live in Australia and i currently have G74SX and the original charger died...

Don't buy the Original 150w charger! buy a 180w instead. (refer to thread linked below)

Why should you buy 180w?

1. The 150w actually doesn't supply enough power to fully compliment the laptop, meaning the laptop actually needs to draw MORE power than the adapter can put out,
inevitably causing overheating to the adapter.

2. they are known to die quickly because:
The laptop actually needs to draw more power than what the 150w can supply, thus the brick is constantly overloaded, and inevitably burning out.

take read through: New-Ac-adapter-for-g74sx

And if your doubtfully questioning my response (Which i encourage) with the reasoning "Why would ASUS supply an adapter with their laptop if it doesnt fulfill its purpose?"

Is because i think their logic was to sacrifice its ability for the sake of handicapped users by:

limiting the power supply to less than what the hardware can really handle, because;
A: attempt to eliminate any potential of burning out the hardware
B: try to make sure the laptop runs cool by not allowing it to run at full capacity (thus potentially increasing the products lifespan)
C: rather you buy a new adapter instead of internals, thus longevity of device and reduce the potential of RMA
😧 laptop runs slightly quieter (if someone was to have their OS run High performance profile constantly, which most ppl do)

But this has its draw backs, as it is essentially choking the laptop at FULL load, and you will see this in a consistent and dramatic drop in FPS unnecessarily.

But i can report after switching to 180w,
-temperatures have only increased 1 to 3 degrees (only during very demanding usage/gaming), but still operates within
the safe operating range (even when I overclocked the GPU)
-frame rates are now a bit more stable.
-and an overall noticeable increase in performance (even without overlocking the gpu).