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Looking for a used LCD to revive my old companion ROG G751

Level 7

So my old G751 is retired as my main laptop since i have a new G17, and now is working as my home server (job that was being done by my even older G73, that now is dead with a faulty temperature sensor on the motherboard), he's happy doing is job but every time i see him i get sad, because half of the screen turned pink, if i connect it to a external monitor it's working fine and i'm not going to spend more than 150 euros to buy a new lcd for it, so I has looking to see if someone have a bricked laptop, a laptop for parts, a used lcd that want to sell it for a reasonable price for a laptop that is seven years old.



Level 7
I did a new windows installation, new drivers, windows update and now after the last windows update the monitor is working fine again. :D:D:D