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Looked everywhere for touchpad drivers - Win 8 G74sx

Level 7
I have been all over this forum, googled for hours, and I still can't find a driver that will enable Windows 8 gestures for my g74sx. I'm using the latest Synaptics driver which supposedly has all the gestures but I have been through all of the settings and haven't found anything that even mentions Windows 8. Where can I get the gesture suite for my laptop? I'd really like to be able to use gestures. Thanks

Level 8
There probably isn't any, as you've probably surmised by now. Try deleting your old driver and reinstalling it. (win7)

As an aside........ why in the world would you want 8 on a gaming machine?
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It improved my FPS in a few games and it boots a lot faster. A lot of people hate on it but I like it

Level 9
i think you are able to search in Google, maybe you can find it.

Level 7
I already said I searched Google. I couldn't find any information. I've also searched this forum

Level 7
I don't think you will be able to do that. New touchpads are designed for Windows 8, but I could be wrong. I just use the Sentelic Win 7 drivers from ASUSTek website. I have looked for Win8 stuff, but cant find anything. I mostly use a mouse anyways cuz I am gaming but Win8 is much nicer then 7.

Level 7
I also had this issue, I finally got mine to work today. I used the windows 7 drivers from the factory dvd. open windows 8 device manager, find the driver in dvd under E:\Software\Touchpad\Sentelic\PointingDevice\XP32_Win7_32_Win7_64_9.0.2.7. once you choose the driver it will come up with 2 compatible drivers in that directory, pick the second one. Now it took me like 2 or three tries but I did finally get it to work. I couldn't live without the zoom in and zoom out feature of the touchpad. so just keep trying it will work.

Level 7
me too,already said I searched Google. I couldn't find any information. I've also searched this forum.thanks