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Live update broke my G75

Level 7
So, as I registered my G75 today, Live Update asked to install some things. I said fine. After the second one, I got impatient and went back to Diablo 3 instead of continuing. I had no idea Live Update would update things to be worse. The game now has incredible amounts of stuttering where previously there was none. This is a system that was running it flawlessly for a month now, so while Diablo certainly has its stuttering issues, this is not one of them.

I've tried system restoring to two different points prior to the update, I've tried installing new sound and video drivers, I've tried turning my graphics down, I've triple checked my power settings, I've rolled back drivers and reinstalled them. I have no idea what it is Live Update has done to so irrevocably lobotomize my laptop, but I'm intensely curious and would very much like to fix it.

Can anyone shed some insight, should they have any? Thanks in advance.

Level 11
Factory Restore (F9 at startup) to get it back to fresh.

Reinstall your apps and apply Windows Updates. Uninstall Live Update. Download from the ASUS product support site your audio and video drivers and Version 1.0.24 of the AI Recovery utility and burn a set of Restore DVDs.
G75VW-BBK5 (Stock configuration with added Crucial M4 256GB SATA SSD as OS boot drive)

Need to know how to restore your G75 to it's factory-like condition? Go to my step-by-step guide:
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You are a gentleman and a scholar. Will be trying it first thing tomorrow. Thanks!