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List your ASUS design failures here. (Honest input only). I do love ASUS.

Level 7
G751 JL

(1) Speaker at the bottom of the laptop.. WTF!!
(2) Claiming the sound is good, yet, every review says otherwise (And I agree).

Who thinks this stuff up?

(1) Go employ some gamers from this forum, or another who know what is what..

Level 11
How is this a unique contribution to this forum?

How does it differ signifigantly from your other I know exactly what is the best better than anyone else in particular the executives, marketers, disigners and engeeners that actually make and bring things to market trolling thread over here:

What is with the self loathing man?

Level 7
1) Optimus

Level 7
molokow wrote:
(1) Speaker at the bottom of the laptop.. WTF!!

It's a subwoofer. You will find that in most devices, subwoofers are down-firing because bass is non-directional.

Anyway - my gripe relates to the NVidia Shadowplay button and the rather pointless (in my opinion) Steam and macro keys. Having a key directly above the Esc key is a big no-no for me as I've hit it by accident so many times.
Asus ROG G751JT-T7115H
17.3" IPS, Intel i7-4720HQ, 16Gb RAM, NVidia GeForce GTX970m, 256Gb M.2 SSD + 1Tb SSHD

clockworksatan wrote:
Anyway - my gripe relates to the NVidia Shadowplay button and the rather pointless (in my opinion) Steam and macro keys. Having a key directly above the Esc key is a big no-no for me as I've hit it by accident so many times.

steam and shadowplay keys being where the "esc" key should be is a design problem for me too. Luckily in 4 months it newer bothered me to much, exept for the occasional videos I did unvillingly in games-desktop 😉
Sound (as in soundcard) is good in this laptop. What sucks are the low quality speakers! It's not a "software" problem like so many keep reinstalling new Realtek drivers every other day, it's a "mechanical" problem related to spealkers.

Level 8
DVD/Blu-Ray drive on the left side is a major flaw in my view. Why? Because you press the button when you hold it and forces you to have cables on the side you put your mouse (for right-handed people)

Level 9
1) The screen bezel caused pressure on the display and distorted the image. Had to fix it manually with a flat file.
2) The lubricant in the cpu fan dries up rather quickly (5 Months). This causes rattling noises unless you put some oil inside.
3) The webcam is quite horrible.
4) The sound is mediocre at best. This is at least partly due to the small stereo speakers directed downwards, not at the user.
5) Speakers cause vibrations of the chassis at volume > 70.
6) Software design flaw, no comment from ASUS to this day ->

Level 9
DVD/Blu-Ray button.. I often push it unintentionally when I hold the laptop in hands

Level 9
The promotions website, and customer support.

Why the Asus bashing?

I personally think the G751JL is an astounding notebook, even though my brand new 1 week old one has bricked on me.
Sometime electronics / software breaks. I will let you all know how the Asus Support Process goes for me.

I compared the G751JL to everything else I could find on the market for the same price point in the UK and there is nothing that even comes close.
I benchmarked it and the figures are very impressive. The build quality and cooling is much better than anything else I have seen for the same price.
From shots of the laptop internals this notebook is really well engineered.

In my experience so far, Asus make absolutely great products.
I have built two High performance PCs with Z87 Deluxe Dual and Z97 Deluxe Motherboards and the features on those are brilliant.
I also own an Asus Tranformer TF101 which was a great innovation and another family member has an Asus Transformer Infinity.
Both of these Android Tablets have been reliable and the TF101 still works and meets my needs for an Android Tablet many years after purchase.

Having said all of the above what do I think would have been nice to see on the G751JL or slightly higher priced option?

- Switchable Graphics / Nvidia Optimus to extend battery life when not gaming.
- Some form of CMOS reset button / function and CMOS battery and removable CMOS chip access from the hard drive bay / memory stick panel. Since use of Intel XTU seems to be encouraged, overclocking can go wrong. It would be nice to be able to recover from corrupted BIOS without having to go inside the Notebook.
- Ability to remove the Fans from the bottom of the laptop for cleaning to avoid removing all of the screws and rear and keyboard panels.
- Maybe a choice of extra keyboard lighting for some extra ££/$$/whatever.
- Some explanation about why the battery is not supposed to be removed. I would like to remove the battery if I were upgrading RAM / HDD.
- Ability to choose if the Steam Key starts Steam in Big Picture mode or normal mode.
- Ability to disable the Steam Key, Shadow Play key and Macro Keys.

I think the Audio on the G751JL I bought in the U.K. is very good especially if you use the Audio Software. I cannot speak for other models of the G751.