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launching a laptop from an external keyboard

Level 7
Hello, I have asus rog g703gx i need launching it from an external keyboard
Instead bios I have ROG BIOS Utility ver.303 , there are no Power management setup like in normal BIOS.
How i can set up it with minimal hemorrhoids ?

Level 7
id like to know this too... sometimes i set my lapy up to work as a desktop, but i have to have it connected and open and running as opposed tojust tucking it under my desk out of site... closest i been able to do is use sleep mode with KB wake ups...

Official asus support answer:
"In laptop's BIOS there is no Power management setup like in normal BIOS. In laptop you cant change power usage by hand. This option is not provided by manufacture".
I think this solution is " guineal". To deprive the opportunity to use a top-end laptop as a system unit is definitely the Award of the Year 2019 !

I just send a request to implement in future versions of BISO Power management setup like in normal BIOS.
Join the request, it’s real to implement