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Laptop wakes up after 1 second in sleep mode (ROG 752VS, Win10)

Level 7
Hi guys.

The problem: After putting laptop in sleep mode (automatically or manually) - it immidiately wakes up. But when laptop works from battery - no problem with sleep mode - it works fine.

More info:
1. Timers in power management turned off (in battery and plugged in states).
2. In logs, "power troubleshooter" do not contain info about the reason of waking up. It says "No info".
3. No torrent, media active.

I've spent whole day trying to fix this, ive read tons of topics related to similar issue - but i didnt find the same problem.

Maybe im searching in wrong direction. Please, i need some advice.

Level 10
Too much coffee? Hehehe.*
*Seriously, what programs are running in the background? Could be virus, malware or antivirus. *Or your mouse or touchpad. Try disabling touchpad and remove your mouse and sleep one more time without caffeine. Could also be an intermittent key of your keyboard. Or an intermittent close/open lid sensor, anything that has to do with the waking up of your laptop from sleep. Select do nothing for your laptop lid to isolate that possibility. For keyboard, i do not have any idea. Good luck.*

Well, I solved it. The most funny thing is that Ive tried this almost at the beginning. Yes, it was mouse or keyboard. Didnt allowing to wake from sleep mode in Device Settings - wasn't enought, i should have restart computer and then go to sleep mode.

Level 10
Glad you solved it. Cheers.*