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Laptop Freezing

Level 7

I bought my laptop (ASUS ROG X16 2-in-1) from Best Buy less than a year ago and have just recently been experiencing a reoccurring and infuriating issue. The issue is as such: I'll be using the laptop in a normal fashion, using Discord, Chrome searching, etc. and then randomly once every about 30 seconds, the app just freezes. And when this occurs, it's not just the app that freezes, practically every app freezes. My task bar stops working, Discord freezes, Chrome freezes, Edge freezes, many icon shortcuts stop working, and then bam, after about another 30 seconds it magically unfreezes. The weirdest part about this is that the laptop is still relatively responsive when this happens, I can still move the mouse cursor, can ctrl + alt + delete, etc., but creating any new action fails to be successful while frozen. I can't do anything on it at this point and it's making me go insane. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


I've tried looking at the task manager and no single thing is abnormal, CPU never passes 10%, GPU always at 0%, Memory always under 60% usage and the such.

I've done the file security search multiple times to make sure nothing was interfering and it returned nothing


Level 12

Watch this video @ 12:33  TechPowerUp GPU-Z this might help you to find what causing the issue.