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Laptop Asus ROG Strix G531GT not resuming from sleep

Level 7
I have a Asus Rog Strix G531GT with those specs:
- i5 9500H
- nVidia 1650 4GB
From the first moment I bought I've upgraded it with +8GB DDR4 (Crucial 2666) +250GB NVMe.

My problem is that the half the times it enters to sleep, it just don't resume from it, power light is ON but no response from it. When it's correctly in sleep mode power light it's breathing.
I don't know so many things, I'ts been 3 months from when I bought it (amazon prime day offer) and I was just waiting until some update from BIOS or Drivers, but it's been 3 updates from bios and some others from drivers and still with same issue.
I've read some problems with Intel ME with drivers from Windows and asus, so I tries both latest from Intel and one from asus website, neither solved the problem.

Is anyone having the same problem? Know how to solve it?
I know I should take out nvme and RAM upgrade to know if it's the problem but I need the laptop for work and I want to leave it for the last option.


Level 7
Yesterday I was searching on that and exactly what it does it's like "hanging up" little after going black screen, for example.

Running on battery, power save energy profile (1 minute to black screen / 5 minutes to sleep). I let laptop with music and after one minute it goes screen black, after 2-3 minutes all laptop hang up (music gets fuc**).

Today I'll try again taking out extra ram and/or nvme and lets see what happens

Level 13
Ive had similar issues with windows fast start up enabled. Disable that and Ill bet your issue disappears.
Control panel, power options in left pane, choose what power buttons do, Change settings that are currently unavailable, then uncheck the top box "turn on windows fast start up.
This all uses the same file, hiberfil.sys which basically dumps your ram to this file that can get quite large dependent on how much ram you have. Fast Start up, hibernation and sleep uses this file. You wont notice much of a difference if any on start ups.

I play Metro Exodus, 30-50 FPS. I get calling and only hit the power button (to sleep). When come back after hours and hit power button, only black blank screen. After minutes he auto-restarted, and loaded windows. Nvidia says "no Nvidia hardware detected...". I watch in GPU-z and in AIDA64 and its missing. I before think he burned the GPU, so restart and watch in bios:

No in BIOS, im must "set defaults" and save, after start-stop many times get back the graphics. This is normal?