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Keyboard back light HELP!

Level 7
OK (I did search but could find no answer to this). My Keyboard Backlight does not come on, every other fn + f(#key) works but f3 and f4 no light flicker at boot no back light period. I reinstalled ATKACPI ver 23 (latest) but no luck. This is a brand new machine and I have not even put anything on it yet. Anyone have any idea? I hope it is not hard ware issue but at this point I am unsure what to do next. G75vx (bb version)

Level 7
OK I did that and all other fn keys still work and f3 & f4 still no light. Any other thoughts? (thanks for the help by the way!)

Level 12
Sounds like the LED power connector under the keyboard is not fully seated in place for the lights. No keyboard backlit flicker during POST would indicate that if all other Fn keys work.

You have options:

Return system back to store you purchased it from and replace it with another new unit (if within store return policy)

Attempt to connect it yourself following many of DIY disassembly videos to locate problem area (voids warranty)

Use ASUS warranty if store return policy has exceeded its number of days (I would just try to connect the connector or re-seat it in place before I'd ever send my G to their service center)

Just FYI.

Good luck

Level 7
Sounds like I will be breaking out the tools (got it as a clearance at BB so no real option to return because they will want me to pay diff between it and 750 to trade up, no more 75vx's available. Not wanting to spend $400 more for the small jump up the 750 would be)

BTY What Bios should I have installed, I have not changed it. Currently it is 204 (I think, will reboot and check)

OK updated Bios and redid ATK and filter and still no lights, taking apart will void Warrenty (right?) so Should I try and check the connections or RMA it? Anyone got any good RMA stories? How long ect... Is it likely to be something on the MB or KB is broke? Have seen a lot of backlight post but always seem to be driver related. Hate to lose Laptop for a few weeks..

Most likely this is the reason you got as a clearance. Repair station in Calif is a toss up. I've had 2 RMA first on because my right speaker did not work. Turn around time was on 6 working days. They did not fix the right speaker. 2nd RMA major hard ware problems and right speaker turnaround was a couple of weeks, MB, keyboard, touch pad and right speaker were all change out. This time everything was fixed no further damages were done to my NB. So you have a choice fix it yourself or send in to a repair station.

Dreamonic told you that it is probably the keyboard light connector not connected, He's pretty switched on about these NB. The videos dissembling these notebooks looks pretty easy if you feel competent to take it down that far carefully no one might know you took it apart. Otherwise send it in. The warranty is not something to give up easily unless your willing to make major repairs youself
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