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Just returned my G703GXR. Inferior to G752 design.

Level 9
So I just returned it to shop. Why?

  • Chipset H370 compared to older CM236, HM370 has less PCIe lanes only 16 compared to 20 of CM236, why not CM246 which has 24PCIe lanes???,
  • power bricks 2 c'on, heavy as hell,
  • sound outs only 2, can't connect my 5.1 speakers unles thru usb sound card, just more clutter with cables and external devices, G752 has 3 no problem with 5.1 speakers.
  • no cddrive I have large dvd,BR collection I watch on my laptop, Yeah can have usb cd ^ same us above.
  • somewhat worse screen quality than on G752
  • louder fans than on G752, I mean really louder!
  • higher bottom than G752

It is just marginally faster than my G752vy and G752VS and has RGB keyboard ( who needs that really?), and has ray tracing ability but overall G703 design is inferior into G752 series. Sorry.