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Issues with G750JW

Level 7
Rewritten first post:

So I bought the G750JW-DB71 from Best Buy online (From them directly, not their marketplace) and discovered it had the vertical lines screen issue. After searching around, I found some potential fixes such as raising the refresh rate, updating drivers, and removing Asus's splendid enhancement. None of these fixed the problem.

I then found a post (here: ) saying that if the screen is manufactured by AUO, it is a hardware issue and no software changes can fix it. Surprise surprise, HWinfo64 says I have an AUO screen.

Now, the issue with Best Buy was that I took it into my local store and they told me they couldn't take it and I had to send it back after calling their online purchases support. Now after calling, I was told that I AM able to return it in the store, but that I couldn't return it to Best Buy because "we bought it from a different vendor than best buy". So they were telling me to contact a third party that had no involvement with the purchase. Called THEM and they had no record of the purchase, because it never happened with them. They were trying to get out of having to honor the return policy. Keep in mind this is literally within 2 days of making the purchase. (It shipped insanely fast)

HOWEVER, I'd like to give an update on this. After calling a different Best Buy a bit further away, the manager was happy to sort out the problem and asked us to bring the laptop to his store. He is refunding it through his store, and he ordered another one of the G750JW-DB71 in hopes of it not having the screen issue. Not only that, but he also ordered a G750JW-BBI7N05 too which is the other model they carry. If either have the screen problem still, I can take those back also.

So the Best Buy issue is resolved thanks to someone that is actually considerate enough to care. I was ready to drop Best Buy from consideration for the rest of my time, so massive thanks to that manager!! I really hope either of the laptops turn out good, I'd love to give his store my business. Take notes any other Best Buy employees that could be reading this, that's how you handle customers!

So, the now the problem is... If both laptops have the lines in their screens, what should my next move be? Does anyone have experience with refunding (NOT exchanging) laptops with Amazon? Would they accept the line issue as defective? Or is there any other recommendations for places I can buy some variant of the G750 for around the same price as Best Buy ($1300)?

Thanks so much for the help everyone.

Level 11
Search the forum, plenty of threads about issues with lines on the screen and potential solutions. Off the top of my head (mind you, I don't have the problem), you can try:
1. Updating the Asus Splendid utility to the latest version, or
2. Uninstalling said utility, or
3. Using the Nvidia control panel, create a custom resolution with >60hz refresh rate. You can try 70,80, 90, 100.

Your receipt should be enough to prove who you bought it from. As it's unlikely you paid cash, you can also check your card statement to prove who you paid the money to.

Level 7
IF you bought it from bestbuy and you are in the return period then go to the store you bought it from and return it. They can look it up in the system. I have done this countless time with other laptops. I recently picked up my G750JW from bestbuy 3 days ago, it has the chi mei screen. I would certainly try increasing the refresh rate.

Level 9
Uninstall ASUS splendid first. If problem doesn't go away, then go to best buy

Level 7
Hey guys, I appreciate the help.

I completely rewrote my original post in this thread to explain the whole situation and provide updates on it. Sorry I wasn't clear beforehand.

Level 9
yeah, bestbuy is good only when you get the good manager xD Still love them!

Level 7
Yeah, it was about to turn really ugly if it wasn't for him. I'm so grateful.

Level 7
Mine is also from BestBuy; I increased my JW's refresh rate from 60Hz to 62Hz via NVidia's control panel - this resolved some screen issues in some windows or screens.

So the G750JW-BBI7N05 came in today. It didn't have the vertical line issue but had the horizontal one instead (wow this one is much worse!)

Luckily though, it was resolved by removing Splendid, and now the laptop is solid. Now I just gotta see how smoothly this installing Windows on the SSD goes.

Level 7
Is it safe for me to format the HDD the laptop came with after I create the USB boot stick with Asus Backtracker?