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Issue with upgrading to latest G750JW BIOS (BIOS 210)

Level 8
Hello, I've tried upgrading my G750JW using the latest BIOS 210 from here:

After the bios is written by EZ Flash, then when trying to boot to Windows I get this blue screen in attchement. The error occurs in a boot loop. Safe mode doesn't work either.

Second issue is that you can't downgrade back to a previous official BIOS via Ctrl+Home and Power any longer, so is not easy to recover. Downgrading was possible from 208 back to 206 for example, but is not possible to downgrade from the buggy 210 back to 208 or 206.
Why would Asus decide to shoot themselves in the foot with this decision I've got no idea.

Please fix the BIOS guys!

Level 9
Have you tried entering the BIOS and loading optimized defaults, or performing a Startup Repair via the Advanced Options menu? To enter the menu hit F9 during POST, then select Troubleshoot from the Options menu--> Advanced options--> Startup Repair.
Laptop: Asus G750JZ
OS: Win10