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Issue on ASUS G750JS to external AOC G2460PQU 144hz gaming monitor

Level 7
Hi bros, i just bought an AOC g2460pqu external monitor to connect with my laptop for better gaming experience and i was hoping to run it on 144hz but the max refresh rate i get is 60hz nothing more.

Control panel>Display>Screen Resolution>Advanced Setttings>Adapter> List all Modes> 1920 by 1080p, true color (32bit) 60hertz - Intel(R) Hd graphics 4600

windows 8.1
Asus G750Js
Nvidia Optimus GTX870m and Intel Graphics 4600

1) I'm using a Mini diplayport to displayport cable (hdmi and vga won't allow you to run at 144hz) - this should't be the issue
2) Im guessing is the nvidia optimus technology that is blocking me from running 144hz.

Under my nvidia control panel>set Physx configuration , it shows that my Mini displayport cable is connected to my Intel HD graphics 4600 but not my Gefore GTX 870M, i supposed the integrated graphics wont be able to support 144hz, and no matter how i mess around with this control panel, it wont allow me to change to cable connection to my Geforce GTX870m.

I even tried to disabling my intel graphics card but it wouldn't work, once you disable you can't even open nvidia control panel.I also tried setting my external display as my main display and that doesn't help either.

I've tried reading all sort of forums online but i cant find a solution for this. Anyone who has successfully done it or have any other idea with regards to this issue please help me ! Any advice would be great from here !

Ps: i think is possible to fix this, just that i ran out of idea , today mark the 3rd day im trying to fix this. Thanks !

Level 7
Merry Christmas folks ! any help here?

Level 7
Unfortunately, Optimus really is what is getting in the way. The G750JS/JZ (anything with the GTX 800 series from Asus ROG line with Optimus) lacks support for anything higher than 60Hz. The Intel Integrated graphics controller can only handle 60Hz, Optimus works by passing the heavier workloads to the Dedicated GPU, the the very last step of sending the rendered data.. is still the job of the Integrated graphics.

@berniss88 - That link contains interesting comparisons, but doesn't seem to help his issue any?