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is witcher 3 deserving for my $59 on steam?

Level 7
hi guys, I want to buy witcher 3 but something is holding me not to. I have red all the comment and all they say is this game is the best of all games they played... is it worth it to buy for 59$? or is there other game on steam you might want to recommend? that will last 3-6months playing it and I will still enjoy it? btw, my unit is g751JT-DB73

Level 10
You won't be able to play at maximum settings with a JT but High will be good.
To be honest, the game looks great at any graphics level. Just go for High and push things up 1 by 1 till you get it pretty enough while still being able to punch over 45fps.
I'd say the game is worth the asking price, especially if you have played the previous 2 games.

Level 7
Witcher 3 is one of the most graphically demanding games, which is one of the reasons I recently bough ROG laptop.

Previously, I used Dell Inspiron 15R SE with Radeon 7730M, but it just could not cut it to play Witcher 3 even in 1024x768.

Yes, I bought ROG in order to play Witcher 3. It is a that good of a game.

Of course, in my case that is weaker G551JW, with GTX 960M, which I use to play on around medium settings in 1600x900.
But that is what I can get, since I need more mobility of 15" laptop, then performance of 17" models.

I havent played the previous witcher.. hopefully I will have my decision within this week so that I have a reason why i bought this laptop. lol

ghunter323 wrote:
I havent played the previous witcher.. hopefully I will have my decision within this week so that I have a reason why i bought this laptop. lol

If you haven't played the first two, then at least read a synopsis of the first and play through the second before playing the third.

Or, you could read the books - that would be faster and much more comprehensive. 😛 I admit: I say this as a pretty hardcore fan of the series, although I played the first game before I knew about the books.

Seriously, though; you will most likely enjoy Witcher 3 if you enjoy solo RPG games. Also, you might want to play it with a controller - I enjoyed my second playthrough MUCH more because of the controller, since the game control mechanics are way simpler than the previous games.


Level 7
how much fps at maximum setting for witcher 3 g751jt? will gsync help it become smooth?

Level 8
Wait for the big xmas steam sale and get all 3 with a massive discount. That and dark souls 1 and 2. You'll have enough gaming to last u through till the summer.
thats what im gonna do.

A couple of weeks back im sure the witcher franchise had a massive 70% discount. I missed that but I know its only a matter of time.

A definite YES. Before I bought my ROG I played it with rather bad graphics but it was still worth it and now even more. It's by far the best Action/RPG I played, and I played enough them. I can only recommend Witcher 3 for everyone and it's totally worth the price, but you can also wait for sales.
sorry for my english

Level 9
Just buy it. I am not RPG fan (I prefer FPS and RTS), but still I have played the main story for 1 month. This game is HUGE, graphics, level/localizations design and architecture is astonishing, plot and dialogs are superb. NOTHING at the plot is simple and predictive. Each main quest and even subquests are original, nothing is repeated (maybe except the horse racings for some money or trophies). Most of NPC you are conversating with are just lying to you and you must learn/fight/guess where is the truth... sometimes you will have to wait till the end. The game has approx. 37 different endings combinations - you can even die at the end due to wrong decisions. And it is so natural that you would never notice that there is so many endings if not played the gmae again. Several main quest plots are SICK and will "wash" your brain for good. The main plots can end differently depending on your actions. Lot of decisions will impact future results at many levels. You can decide who can live or die, this will impact the plot... can make it harder... or even more harder. TRY. 🙂

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