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Is there a way to slow the battery charge rate on this laptop?

Level 7

I’m trying to do all that I can to maximize the lifespan of my ROG Zephyrus GU502L. I’m already familiar with the My ASUS battery limit settings and I do use them while the laptop is plugged in. I’ve disabled the gpu and edited a power profile to limit the performance and all that.

I’m more concerned about when I need to use the laptop for non-gaming purposes like work, browsing, etc., and use the full capacity mode to get through more of the day. My thoughts are that if I can slow down the rate at which the battery is charged, this could help the overall lifespan as well, as I’ve noticed that for being a pretty large battery- it charges pretty quickly and in turn heats up pretty quickly. Maybe I’m wrong in thinking this, but I figured I’d ask the ROG community. If it’s possible, I’d like any tips on how I could accomplish it. Does anyone know of any useful information they’d like to pass on to me?


Level 12

The battery will die regardless how you try an save it for years to come, they only last so long. You have greater worriers then the life of that battery lol

Actually, making sure the battery doesn't die helps with getting things done on the go. Its when the battery unexpectedly dies that things can go wrong, such as not being able to finish work or transmit important information. 

Apparently not charging your battery to 100% charge and unplugging your laptop when you are not using it can prolong the life of your laptop. Making sure you install all drivers updates, Windows updates, cleaning the dust off the vents to avoid overheating the internals  as heat is the number 1 enemy of anything electronic or electrical. If check on Youtube there are many videos dedicated to how to prolong the life of a laptop.