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Is there a way to download or order a Recovery USB Stick?

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I was trying to play around with Linux and setup dual booting with Ubuntu. I made a critical error and wiped the whole damn drive including the recovery partition. I reloaded Win8 but it seems like it is not playing nice with my Asus G46. I redownloaded the drivers but Asus software is not recognizing my laptop as a ASUS laptop. Is there a way I could reload download a recovery partition or do I have to order one from Asus?


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The system should work with standard copies of Win8 too, but don't forget to install the ATKACPI driver (ATK stands for ASUSTek I believe) from the 'utilities' section (not sure why it's there, but it is needed to use some ASUS utilities) of the ASUS downloads.

Hope this is able to solve the issues for you.

Level 14
If you got Win 8 up and running, you just need to install the correct drivers for your notebook, you'll find them here at Asus Support Download as cl-albert told you you need the ATK package, also you'll need the Bluetooth, WiFi, Lan, Audio, Chipset, IRST and IME. I don't advise installing Asus update at all. for your camera you'll need the Virtual Camera driver.
To answer your question Asus does not sell a restore media for windows 8, they have a program for you to create your own BackTracker However since you lost your recovery partition it won't work for you from here on out you'll have to Clean Install and use something like Macrium Reflect to create back up Images. That's what most of us on here do anyway.
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Works like a charm! Thank you guys!

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Glad to hear it and thanks for letting us know!