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Is the G74SX TH71 a good option?

Level 7
Hello guys,I am about to purchase a G74SX TH71 from ll be getting it from an uncle in the US as I stay in India.

I had a few doubts.
In the specs it is written-
Optical Drive-Blu ray Player.
What does that mean?
And if I have any issues with the touchpad in the future ,are these issues rapairable under warranty?I have authorized Asus service centre at my place.I wanted to knw whether these problems r repairable or they need a full replacement?
Please reply soon.

Level 12
then get it, i guess. You still get the speed of 192 bit cores bu at 720p. I think that's a good compromise.
Read the User's Manual for more info. 😄

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JRd1st on

Level 7
Yup,I too thought so...
Thanks for the help sir..

I just thought I'd add that if you ever have to deal with repair for any reason, make sure you deal with a global facility. Some of the local shops only deal with models sold locally so they can be a pain. But hopefully that won't matter because yours will work perfectly and never need sending in. 🙂
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I ll opt for the authorized Asus service centres only.

tiger direct lists the res to be 1600x900 but everywhere else ive looked says its a full 1080 display. Anyone know the actual res?

Level 10
As you can see in this link this notebook does come with HD+ screen and Full HD.

But with the exact model that this thread has listed, I cannot confirm which resolution it got.
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the model linked originally is 1600x900
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