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Is it safe to disable the keyboard? G752VT

Level 9
Hi, I accidentally spilled something on my keyboard and now it goes haywire anytime I press most keys.
The L key is super sensitive, D, H, J and other keys repeatedly trigger.

I want to disable the laptop's keyboard and use my external one, but is there a way to do that and is it safe?
My battery is dead, so it shuts down if the charger is off. If disabling the keyboard also disables the power button, that'd suck.
I heard for some laptops you shouldn't because the power button is part of the keyboard.

If it is safe and the power button will still work, does anyone know how I can disable it? In Device Manager, there's 4 "devices" under "Keyboard".
Alternatively, maybe there are programs that will disable the keys but not the external? if any one has suggestions, let me know. Thanks.

Edit: I realized my situation isn't optimal and should probably just buy a replacement keyboard. Unfortunately, it's pretty pricey.
So, my last question is, can I remove the ribbons of the keyboard? If so, which ones?

Level 7
It is safe to remove keybord connection cable and use your external one. My keyboard also all in one with power button but inside, it is seperate. Just open up and take out the keyboard cable and try power button. If not working, then you can take it in again easily. Also maybe you can try completely remove the keybord, make it dry good then put back and try if all functions are normal again.
Steady As She Goes...

Level 9
Hello kingswillz,
Please send your device to service center for further examination.
Thank you.