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Is G751 having different designs??

Level 7
Hi ppl,
I just saw few videos on youtube.....i came across these two videos in which designs of g751 are different.One is having the normal design we all come across with look of 4 vents for fans,other design is having only 2 fan vents.The design with 2 fan vents looks more cool.....

i Just want to know which models are those.??..Is there a difference in specs between them ??

Link 1(Model with 2 fan vents):

Link 2 (Normal):

Level 15
Link 1 is not the final design product, and the vents are thinner so it's not the G751JY with 980M either.
Check the gallery on the front page to see the official designs.

Zip1 wrote:
Link 1 looks an awful lot like G751JM

Zip1, the first link - G751JT - has the Red/dual fin exhaust, which is the JT/JY design, the 3rd link - labeled as the G751JM is the black/single fin exhaust - slightly slimmer and lighter.

Level 7
Sorry, I meant link 1 in the original post "Link 1(Model with 2 fan vents):"
I think he even says that the GPU is the GTX860 (but then says it can have 880 or 870??)
and Marshall replied that the OP link 1 was not the final design

I simply commented that it looks an awful lot like G751JM