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Is G550JK coming to the United Kingdom?

Level 7
Hi all!

I'm looking forward to buy an Asus ROG G550JK, but it seems like it's still not available in the UK. 😞

The only place that apparently sells it in the United Kingdom is the following:

And it's out of stock. Also, it's 1865$ they want for it in the UK! Wow! :eek:

Today I've contacted, an authorized reseller, and they've told me that the G550JK is not actually a UK model, and it's not coming.

Do you know if the G550JK is actually coming to the UK or not? Having to buy a G56JR at this point would be kind of sad...

Please let me know soon! Thank you in advance! 🙂

- Samuele

Level 7
The Amazon page now says: "Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months."

Why so long? :eek:

Also: why won't nobody answer? I'm the only guy from UK around here?

Hello! I ordered the G550JK from Amazon and was told an estimate of yesterday. Then I had an email from them saying that they do not have it in stock yet and that it is bak ordered. That is all I have heard so far however...

Level 7
Had an update from Amazon saying the new delivery estimate is for 18th of August to the 3rd of September. Bit of a push but there are no others that I really want...

Level 8
wont help you I know but I got mine today I live in DK so I am surprised they are not in the UK yet
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