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Intel Rapid Storage Technology SSD cache

Level 7
I have been trying to set up an SSD cache and so far had no success.

Is it at all possible to have an SSD cache using the IRST application on the G750? Installing the IRST driver package from ASUS webite made the SSD visible in Windows, but there's no way to launch the IRST application AFAIK.

Level 9
did you set RAID mode in BIOS?

Level 7
Sorry, I should have been more specific on the issue that I have. The IRST driver package installer has not created a start menu entry for the management application and I don't know where to look for it (the docs don't mention any executable name). Coming from OS X the possibility to do this kind of performance tuning is new to me.

Oh, and I have enabled RAID in BIOS.

EDIT: It looks like Intel's Download Center is down so no luck trying to find anything there, either...

Level 7
Ok. I managed to solve this thing. Apparently, both website and preinstalled IRST package for G750JX include only drivers. I stumbled upon the installer with actual UI (although it has older drivers) in Intel Download Center. Because Intel Download Center search is broken at the moment, here's a link to the package:

I then installed the newer drivers from ASUS support site.

Admins, feel free to mark this thread as solved (if it's part of the etiquette here).

Level 7
Hello Mike,

I want do a same thing, but i try it for 5 days and i don't now the accelerate don't show on irst UI.
Can you please explan me how you do.

Sorry for my english.

thank's for response.