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Installing OS X

Level 7
So I'm seriously debating on installing OS X on my 750JW. The hardest part is going to be finding the drivers for this, that are made for OS X. Anybody ever done this before and I know where I can find all of the drivers? I love the laptop so far, had it for a little under a month, and haven't had any issues with it. Its proven itself more than capable for anything I've thrown at it. Just not too fond of Windows 8. 😕 But to each their own right? If this was a touch screen, this would be different. So I'll probably be throwing OS X on it, and then possibly over to Windows 7 if I remember why I haven't owned a Mac in so long. Price COULD have been an issue. 😉

Level 11
Try searching for "mavericks" in this forum. Big thread with step-by-step instructions.

Level 7
Guys, I created a web yesterday, to centralize all stuff related to hackintoshing Asus ROG Notebooks and motherboards. ONLY for Asus ROG products. Not normal Asus products. The web is:

Right now I´m creating all the structure for the database and forums. So, it is possible you can´t find your notebook or motherboard. Be patient. Maybe in a few days you can find it operative. I mean, it is operative already, but since the forum will be in english, spanish, french, russian, chinese, portuguese, hebrew, etc, It will take me some time to create all forum structure for all languajes.

If you are and advanced hackintosh user with ROG hardware, and want to help, contact me at If you know other language than spanish or english I will need your help for sure.

I´m excited with the idea. With a little help from the ROG forum community, we can build a solid ROG hackintosh encyclopedia.