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Insoluble problem with keyboard?

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Hi, first of all i'm sorry for my incorrect english 😉
Back to the point...
few days ago i have problem with kb. CTRL Key gets randomly "pressed" itself... But i don't doing this. I've checked this prob. on external keyboard. I've been looking for solution on other forums.... vainly... It's annoying because to temporarily i have to log out and log in. During the game (;) ) it gets more frustrating. In addition ive turned off sticky keys ... without effect.
Any solution is appreciated 🙂

Level 10
Dumb diagnostic question, but have you tried booting to a Linux Live CD (like Ubuntu) to see if the problem is related to your installation of Windows? If not, then I'd give that a shot and see if your keys start acting up again. If it does it on the Live CD then you have a bad keyboard, if not then you might just think about reinstalling Windows.

Give it a shot and let us know!