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Increasing drives in G55 using ODD caddy

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Pandur has said of the G55
"10-16-2012, 03:45 PM
The ODD bay supports SATA II, aka 3.0Gbps. Most software will only list the current speed of a port, and since many ODD's are still SATA I, that's all you'll see. But the HM77 chipset have no SATA I ports, "only" II and III. (4x SATA II and 2x SATA III in the chipset, but not all are available in this laptop.) If you plan to replace the ODD with a HDD enclosure and install a new SATA III SSD, I recommend that you move the stock HDD there and put the new SSD in the original 2.5" bay. "

I had a local ASUS dealer try to substitute for the 128 SSD but said it cant be done in G55

Would this optical drive substitution using caddy with existing HDD in its place be a practical solution and could a Samsung 804 SSD be substituted in place of the standard HDD and work at maximum as does the installed 128 SSD unit which would stay as the startup drive?

Caddy for G55 is advertised at:-

(Of interest I had some computer goodies from USA sent by FDX super fast and they arrived at my Tassie door 3 days after placing order, I am still waiting 8 days after order for local shop to obtain a thing from Melbourne)

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read my answers to your previous questions here.

as i said, to replace the mSATA ssd is a PITA. it can be done, but it's very tedious.

i haven't used the caddy that you linked to. mine is a very cheap one, but it works without issues for six months already (the price is about 12USD).

Thanks rewben.