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Incompetent repair centres

Level 7
Just a bit of a rant and a warning to any UK Asus G series owners thinking of sending their laptop for repairs.

I recently sent my laptop to be repaired because there was a loose monitor cable so the screen would turn green if tilted to a certain angle.

Now they had the laptop for about a week and once it was sent back to me I turned the laptop on and to my dismay the screen still wasn't fixed BUT they had also taken the liberty of formatting my hard disk, deleting my windows 7 install and re installing windows 8. They also created about 5 partitions on the drive for no apparent reason.

This all seems a bit excessive for a loose monitor cable!

The company they used for the work is called 'let me repair'

So please make sure you back up all of your data before a repair no matter how small / insignificant the repair may seem.

Level 9
could you send me mail and provide RMA no, real name and Phone no., i will push our service center to check it.

Level 9
got it, thanks, i will provide persion to check and contact with you.