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I would call it dynamic contrast - lavel of annoyance too HIGH!

Level 7
Ok guys,

Hope that someone have faced the issue and have solve it.
I have g751 980m. Win 8.1

THE ISSUE - in general - with a white background display contrast and brightness go up, when the background is black contrast and brightness goes down. Most noticeable when you open white backgrounded webpage and then return to black desktop. I have disabled adaptive brightness everywhere, no luck. Uninstalled splendid - no luck, changed nvidia drivers - no luck, no light sensor so this is out of suspicion.
Some people with Intel have had the same issue but it's solved from Intel control panel, for Nvidia there is no power option for GPU so no luck for me as well.

Please help. My eyes are starting to pop.


Level 7
Anyone been able to turn this off yet?

Level 10
Hmm, I also used to have this issue but now I don't have it anymore. I did change some things into the power plans, including Adaptive Display Brightness. Try to disable Adaptive Display from all Power Plans, maybe that will disable it completely.

EDIT: Ok, so yesterday I have played a little bit with the PowerPlan settings and I ended up with the Adaptive Brightness being activated even though it was set on "Disabled". After that I have checked so that I have Adaptive Brightness "Disabled" both on battery and while plugged in and then I have restarted my laptop. I would highly recommend trying to do it this way and tell me if it does work or not for you.

If it doesn't work I will try to see what other changes I have made for the PowerPlans.