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I think i have heating problems. (Asus g75vw)

Level 7
My GPU (GTX 670m) in my Asus g75vw turns up to 87 celsius when i'm playing SMITE, BF3, Crysis 3 and League of Legends. When i'm just surfing the web, listening to music or other simple tasks the GPU goes up to 47-50 celsius.

I don't really know the full name of the computer but i got it with a gtx670m, 8gb ram, 3d screen, 6x blu-ray, i7 3610qm and 750 gb HDD. (later on i bought a SSD and 8gb more ram to it)

EDIT: Just watched some youtube videos and now the GPU's temperature is 63 degrees

Level 13
i think it's time for your g75vw to get some servicing (you can try to clean up the fans and vents first to see if it helps).

if the temperature is still high, then you need to do a thermal compound replacement.