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I need to buy a motherboard NOW!!!

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Hi all, I'm stuck, I need to change the motherboard of my laptop G74SX-3DE and can not find who sells it. Anyone know where I can buy?
The laptop has no warranty and Asus did not solve the problem or sell me the mother.

If I can help I will be infinitely grateful.

Excuse my English, I use the google translator

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Laptop motherboards are hard to find, especially for current models. Your G74 should still be under warranty....if it has a problem requiring MB replacement, can't you just send it to Asus for service?

If you are really desperate or have a high willingness to pay, i did find this on ebay. I was debated on buying this myself to interchange with my current one in case i mess something up. Buy at your own risk though.
Asus G74Sx - DH73 3D
- Processor: Intel i7 - 2670 QM 2.2-3.1GHZ
- Boot/Storage: 256GB m4 Crucial SSD / 750 GB WD Caviar Black 7200rpm
- Memory: 8GB (4x2) DDR3 Patriot Memory @ 1600MHZ
- Graphics: Nvidia GTX 560M 3GB DDR5 (Stock Clock)
- WiFi: Intel Advanced Centrino 6300-N (2 Antennae Installed)
- Screen/Touch Pad: 17.3" 120Hz LED Matte LCD @ 1920x1080 / Sentelic
- Paste: CM ThermalFusion 400 Thermal Paste (28C-33C Idle & 55C-62C Under Load)
- OS/BIOS: Windows 7 Home Premium / BIOS 203