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I need some ssd assistance for my g75vw

Level 7
ok so a little background info.
I have a g75vw that originally came with a single 1tb hdd, within the last month i decided I wanted to put an ssd in to the setup so I took the ssd from my macbook and stuck it in the g75, however as i was using it i discovered I needed more than 128gb.

so on black friday i picked up a 250gb samsung 840 that actually has a lower performance than the cheap 128gb sandisk drive that was in there.
upon some research I determined that my g75 does not have the intel ahci driver installed, instead it has a generic/default Microsoft one.
I used as-ssd to do the benchmarks and when testing both drives it shows that the port is using the storahci driver and when i mouse over it it says "intel 7 series/c216 chipset family SATA AHCI controller - 1E03 -OK"

so what I am trying to ask is. Do I have the right AHCI driver or not?

Level 13
@boneskid1, it's no problem; and good to know that it worked for you 🙂