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I Love My G750JZ But, You Know...

Level 7
Congrats to all of you G751 owners. Good timing.

I'm happy with my 4 month old G750JZ, full boat 32 Gig, dual SSD from the factory. It does my work, developing software in C++, and my video gaming, World of Tanks at 40-50 FPS with every graphic option maxed, very well.

On paper the CPUs of the G750 and G751 seem very close in performance.

The G751's GTX 980 does look better on paper, but I don't know if I'd notice the difference. World of tanks isn't the most demanding video game, however there are other games I'd like to play. And I'm intrigued by the idea of 3 monitor setups in driving and flying sims.

Everything, work and video gaming, is done with an external keyboard, external mouse on an external monitor.

Any G750 owners who've upgraded to the G751, or anybody with an opinion, care to share their thoughts on trading up based on real world application or gaming performance?

And if I was to bite the bullet, any idea on where I might pedal this mint G750JZ? I believe Ebay would take a 10% bite out of whatever I sold it for. Best Buy's 3 year service contract is transferable.


Level 7
I don't think upgrading to G751 is all that important, especially when you've already own a G750. It's good enough for me. I also didn't really see the difference in performance between the two. So in my opinion as a regular user, there's no major differences between the two. The 751 is just slightly better.

Level 7
The big advantages of the 751 (970m or 980m) over the 750: IPS screen, no Optimus, 0-30% better games performance.

You don't use the screen, so IPS doesn't matter to you.
Your monitor setup works fine, so Optimus isn't causing you any problems.
You've got good game performance already, so a slight increase in frame rates isn't going to rock your world.

I don't see any reason to be unhappy with what you've already got. You were smart to buy a high-end machine that was well-made and well-cooled. Enjoy it!

US Customer Loyalty Agent
Yes, agree with the previous posts although I haven't touched the G751 yet.

Your G750JZ is already better than a lot of older units out there, so if it works fine for you, consider using it for a few more years (unless you can get a good deal for it now?) until an upgrade would make a bigger difference.

Everyone's different, but personally, I'm not always worried about having the latest and greatest (I don't play first person shooters though or do anything very demanding usually) as long as I'm happy with my current system since there's always something newer and better coming out that will make your current system obsolete eventually.

Just my 2 cents and hope it makes sense.