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HUGE lag not ping/fps/input related on the G750js

Level 7
As a gamer I have a SERIOUS problem that makes 80% of all multiplayer games completely unplayable. I have seen a large number of threads with similar issues here go unresolved and on the specific forums for many games.

I have a lag that is difficult to explain, and to keep it simple it is NOT Input, FPS or ping related. Basically, a large number of my games play like they have 1000+ ping. You might know how that plays, you teleport around, you leave a building and all of a sudden you're back in it, enemies see you standing in place etc. Unplayable and very frustrating. It does this almost exclusively in multplayer games however it is not ping related as my network tests fine, the games work fine on the desktop, and VoIP connection never falters and I can see other players moving around 100% normally. It's just my character effected, nothing else, and pings report 20-60 and FPS reports 80-200+ depending on the game.

A few specific examples; BF4 multiplayer has massive issues. Single player runs fine. Insurgency and Team Fortress 2 run fine, but CS Source, Go and 1.6 are all unplayable from this "lag". The games effected seem to be completely random and right now out of my 180 game library on steam the ONLY games unnaffected in multiplayer are Evolve, TF2 and Insurgency.

Here's what I've done: ALL of my drivers are up to date. I have done several clean installs on several nvidia drivers to see if it is a specific problem to the driver (A clean install to the latest driver fixed TF2 when before it too had this problem, but all other games were not effected) and I've done a complete reinstall of everything. Ram useage and CPU useage all seems normal and within limits.

Can anyone help? This is very frustrating as I've only had the laptop a few months and it's ALREADY my 2nd G750js. My first one shipped with a broken monitor cable and I had it RMA'd. This one can't play games beside a few and otherwise runs flawlessly.

Level 7
I have an update and any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

After a reboot this morning I decided to take a FRAPS video to show the problem. To my surprise, for the first time, every game worked flawlessly without the "lag" problem. However I later rebooted, without making any changes, and every game was back to its problematic self. I then recorded a video to fraps and uploaded it to youtube to show this very unique lag problem.


Unfortunately FRAPS did not pick up my mic very well. What you see is my character studdering around like mad, taking out the wrong guns as I switch, reloading 2-3 times before actually reloading and teleporting around. All of which doesn't happen to any other players in game on screen and stops the second I get in someone's vehicle in BF4. It's only 2 minutes long but it gets worse and this was pretty mild and the same thing that happens in 99% of all my other games. My fps was 90 and my ping was 22, tested fine on my desktop as well.

I have since wondered what could have fixed it and tried stopping, uninstalling and reinstalling several programs and changing gpu settings and nothing has helped or made a difference. I've spent roughly 20hrs this week alone on this problem, please lend some assistance or advice.

Level 7
Third update;

I decided to tackle the intel drivers. I uninstalled them and games wouldn't run, they either gave a directx error or had 1-2fps despite all my nvidia options set to make the GPU display everything. Is the intel driver supposed to do this? It is now updated and previous versions were tried and still no fix