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How to Upgrade ASUS G55vw Win8 to Win10 Enterprise and Pro Versions

Level 7
my laptop is Asus G55VW i7 3630QM 750GB 7200RPM 660M 2GB
my original windows is 8

1) How can i Upgrade my asus original windows 8 to windows 10 Enterprise and Pro (i need 2 versions but my target is Enterprise ver)
+I can install windows 10 Pro or Enterprise in my ASUS G55VW? (Driver supported?)
2) How can i write my windows original+driver all original asus recovery on disk (DVD)? i can't run AI recovery show message not found recovery partition but back-tracker worked on USB flash without any problems but i need write on disk how work it?
3)My windows show message to upgrade my windows 8 to 10 i can upgrade free or must pay money?
3-)This upgrade has some special tips to know before I do this?
4)My recovery and original windows 8 changed to new windows?(10) or not?(example after restore, back again my win8 or 10)
5)After upgrade to windows 10 i can restore again to win8 or not?-is not important first i need know!
6)If re-partition or change my HDD can i use this recovery flash or disk again to new disk or partitions without any problem?
7)What is the normal temperature of different parts (CPU , HDD, VGA, Main and...) of this laptop?
8)What is the maximum allowable temperature?
9)What program do I need to check the temperature and other things?

tnx a lot

Level 14
1. purchase a copy of Win 10 enterprise. Check Asus Support Downloads for windows 10 drivers?
2. I use Macrium Reflect Free to image my OS Drive very easy to restore and much quicker then Asus recovery. Asus recovery partition is removed during the upgrade would be useless anyway after upgrading to 10.
3. upgrade to Pro or enterprise will require you to pay for upgrade. the free upgrade period has been over for quite some time now more than a year. Still it was only good up grade same version home to home pro to pro etc.
4. Macrium Reflect, window 10 will create its own restore partition with out Asus drivers.
5. With Macrium Reflect you restore back to win 8 if you made an Image to restore. You may have activation issues since you lic will have been upgraded to 10.
6. Again Macrium Reflect you can restore an image to new or different hard drive/SSD
7. I don't have a G55 so I'll let some one else answer this question.
8. You CPU and GPU will Throttle somewhere around 100C to protect its self.
9. Hwinfo64 will work.
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Level 9
let me know if you need an installer, I reckon I could add enterprise to my iso, seeing as I already have edu on there

Level 9
actually, just realised, I cant.. well not can't, just don't want to make a work around for volume licensing, because it'll screw up the other 4