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How to synch monitor settings with G750JX

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I purchased the G750JX a few months ago and love the quality of the screen/picture. I recently picked up an ASUS monitor to go with it, a VS247H-P 24" monitor and looking at this monitor next to my laptop screen is a gross exercise. I also have a 3rd monitor connected, but it's a 5 year old Samsung and I didn't expect it to match perfectly, though it actually looks closer than the ASUS one right now. Idea advice on how to get color settings and all the configurations to match between at least the new ASUS monitor and the G750JX? I know they may never look exactly the same being different size, etc.... but they're both 1920x1080.

I'm tried using Nvidia's settings, but the included settings control in the monitor seem closer.
Dragging an Excel spreadsheet between these two monitors is like two different worlds. 😞

Appreciate any advice!

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One way would be to create color profiles for each monitor, and then apply them via Control Panel - Color management for each connected device. However, I'm not familiar with creating said profiles, so I don't know how to help in creating them.

Control Panel - Display - Calibrate link on the left has something promising, but I'm not sure if it will save profiles as .icc files, for example, so you can then apply them to the different monitors.

The big differences are probably coming from color temperature. The external monitors should have options to change this easily - if you play with those settings, you could potentially get them to look similar.