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How to ship the G55?

Level 9
So i am sending my G55 in for an repairs tomorrow. I just recently decided to check my load temps (haven't done so since shortly after i bought it) and they are WAY up there. lol 94 degrees in BF3. I saw that and immediately quit out, cleaned the dust out (wasn't much in there, i clean it often) try again. Same thing. When i got it It never went above 80 even after hours of playing so as you can imagine i was rather shocked.

I guess the thermal compound is just going bad or something. Anyway i'm glad i checked before my warranty expired. lol

Anyway how do you guys suggest i package it? I sill have the G55 box with the foam blocks that hold it in place, and the little microfiber sack that it was originally in. That is all it originally shipped to me in. So should that suffice?

Also should i take the battery out or leave it in during shipping? Thanks in advance guys, really kinda bummed but customer service was top notch for me, very polite and fast. Hopefully they resolve the problem.

Thanks guys. 🙂

Level 9
so in a quick test in arma 3 i camped in a place with 96%gpu utilization and she topped off at 82* A little warm, but well below the 94+ i was getting before so it appeares to have workded. 🙂

Also she is alot quieter now as well when under load. lol Which is very nice.

After a longer test i will come back with news.